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International Geotechnical Engineering Conference on Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering Practices and Related Urban Issues

Date :24-09-2016

Venue :

Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre,
Saki Vihar Road, Powai,
Mumbai 400087, INDIA. 

Inaugural and Presidential Lecture on 23rd September, 2016 by Professor Roger Frank, President of ISSMGE, France.

Keynote Speakers:

(a) Professor Ikuo Towhata, Vice President (Asia) of ISSMGE, Japan.

(b) Professor G. L. Sivakumar Babu, Chair of ISSMGE TC302, India.

(c) Professor Dinesh R. Katti, Professor NDSU, USA.

(d) Professor C. F. Leung, Member of ISSMGE TC 104, Singapore.

(e) Professor Manoj Datta, Member of ISSMGE TC215, India.

(f) Dr. Dilip V. Karandikar, Senior Geotechnical Consultant, India.

(g) Professor Eun Chul Shin, Vice-President of Korean Geotechnical Society and Organising Member of 19ICSMGE 2017, Korea.

(h) Professor T. G. Sitharam, Member of ISSMGE TC305, India.

(i) Professor Dipanjan Basu, Chair of ISSMGE TC307, Canada.

(j) Professor Chandan Ghosh, Head, Geo-Hazard Risk Management Division, NIDM, India

(k) Professor Kalpana Katti, Professor, NDSU, USA




Category Up to July After July
  15, 2016 15, 2016
Delegates -    
IGS/ISSMGE members INR 7000 INR 8000
(SAARC countries)    
Delegates - Non    
members INR 8000 INR 9000
(SAARC countries)    
Students INR 4000 INR 4500
(SAARC countries)    
Senior citizens of IGS    
(age 65 or above on INR 6500 INR 7500
July 15, 2016)    
Spouse INR 6000 INR 7000
(SAARC countries)    
Delegates – ISSMGE USD 500 USD 550
(other countries)    
Delegates – Non USD 550 USD 600
(other countries)    
Spouse USD 350 USD 450
(other countries)    
Students USD 300 USD 400
(other countries)    


Note: Registration will be closed once the number of registered delegates reaches 250 (it includes student registration of maximum number 30)


International Conference on “Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering Practices and Related Urban Issues” is jointly organised by the Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS), Indian Geotechnical Society Mumbai Chapter (IGS Mumbai Chapter) in association with International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). This international event of ISSMGE offers a platform for worldwide geotechnical engineers, researchers and practitioners to interact and share experiences on geotechnical testing, analysis, design and construction issues. The conference will be held at Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre, Mumbai, India during September 23-24, 2016. The detailed information regarding themes, speakers and registration details will be published shortly. Please visit website: www.igsmumbaichapter.in


The main theme of the Conference is sustainability in geotechnical engineering practices and related urban issues. Under this main theme, the following applications will be covered in the Conference.

  •  Cost effective foundations
  •  Railways and tramways and their formations
  •  Rigid and flexible pavements and tunnels
  •  Landfills and hazardous waste management
  •  Earth and rockfill dams and levees
  •  Shore and bank protection
  •  Offshore geotechniques
  •  Slopes and earth retaining structures

All these applications will include the following:

  •  Field and laboratory testing
  •  Modelling, analysis and design
  •  Instrumentation and monitoring
  •  Geo-hazarads
  •  Reliability studies
  •  Codes and standards
  •  Any other related topics


Submission of extended abstract:May 30, 2016. July 15, 2016 (extended on request from several prospective participants).
Acceptance of extended abstract: June 30, 2016. August 15, 2016.
Early bird registration & registration of at least one author for publication of extended abstract and /or for presentation: July 15, 2016.
Conference dates: September 23 – 24, 2016.


Patron: INR 5,00,000 and above.
Platinum Sponsor: INR 3,00,000
Gold Sponsor: INR 2,00,000
Silver Sponsor: INR 1,00,000
Bronze Sponsor: INR 50,000
Exhibition: INR 40,000 for each stall of size approx. 3 m x 2 m


Event Sponsor:
Banquet Dinner (1 No.)
Lunch (2 Nos.)
High-tea (2 Nos.)
Those interested for sponsorship may please contact the Organising/Joint organising secretaries for details of facilities offered.


Patron: Prof. Ikuo Towhata, VP (Asia) of ISSMGE.

Organising Chairman: Prof. Anand R. Katti.
Organising Secretary: Prof. Deepankar Choudhury.
Joint Organising Secretary: Prof. M. A. Chakrabarti.
Treasurer: Ms. Aruna Lall.
Joint Treasurer: Ms. Kshitija Nadgouda.
Convenor of Technical Committee: Prof. V. B. Deshmukh.
Convenor of Finance Committee: Mr. M. Kukalyekar.
Mr. Shahrokh P. Bagli.
Mr. Gaurav S. Parab.
Dr. Sunil Basarkar.
Mr. Sandip Deshpande.
Prof. G. Venkatachalam.
Ms. Shubhada Jagtap.
Mr. Satish Naik.
Mr. Sanjeev Gupta.
Mr. Sandeep Bhosle.
Ms. P. Patwardhan.
Ms. Renu Kulkarni.
Mr. Ashok Mali.
Mr. Zarir Panthaky.
Mr. Yadav Kamble.


Prof. Deepankar Choudhury
Organising Secretary,
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering,
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076, India.
Phone: +91-22-2576 7335


Prof. Mahua A. Chakrabarti
Joint Organising Secretary,
Professor, Department of Structural Engineering,
VJTI, Matunga, Mumbai 400019, India.
Phone: +91-22-2419 8251


One Day Seminar on Landfills & Solid Waste Management

Date :15-01-2016

Venue :

 H R Mahajani Marg, Matunga East, Near Five Garden,

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

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50th IGC-2015 - Indian Geotechnical Conference at Courtyard City Centre during 17th to 19th Dec 2015

Date :19-12-2015

Venue :

COEP  Pune
Phone: 91-20-25507021, 65003381

ISSMGE conference

Date :12-12-2015

Venue :Will be available Soon


Date :26-11-2015

Venue :
Vishwesvaraya Seminar Hall
Civil Engineering Department
IIT Madras

21 November 2015
9:30 hrs to 13:30 hrs

Organised by
IGS Chennai Chapter and IIT Madras

IGS TC-04 on Geotechnical Investigation
Constituted in March 2015 by Indian Geotechnical Society, New Delhi
IGS:TC 04 Core Members

Prof. V.S. Raju, Former Director, IIT Delhi, rajuvs_b@yahoo.com
Mr. Anirudhan I.V., Geotechnical Solutions, Chennai, anirudhen@gmail.com

Dr. Dasaka Sathyanarayana Murthy, IIT Bombay, dasaka@civil.iitb.ac.in
Mr. Hitesh H Desai, Unique Engineering Testing & Advisory Services, Surat, hitesh1953@gmail.com
Dr. K Muthukkumaran, NIT Trichy, drkmknitt@gmail.com
Prof. R.G. Robinson, IIT Madras,robinson@iitm.ac.in
Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Cengrs Geotechnica Pvt. Ltd., Sanjay@cengrs.com
Dr. T. Thyagaraj, IIT Madras, ttraj@iitm.ac.in
PRELIMINARY DRAFT ON - A Manual of Guidance to Geotechnical Investigation
Planning, Methods, Procedures, and Reporting – 18 Novem

International Committee on GNSS, 10th Meeting

Date :22-11-2015

Venue :Venue Address Venue Address Venue Address Venue Address Venue Address Venue Address Venue Address Venue Address 

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One-day seminar on Geophysical Investigations on June 27, 2015

Date :27-06-2015

Venue :

4, Oberoi Towers, 20th floor
Pearl View


Mr Anand Nadkarni 982145144, 77545457

Mr Subodh Shah     982857899, 808215457

One-day workshop on Geotextiles and Geosynthetics on April 11, 2015

Date :11-04-2015

Venue :Indian Geotechnical Society Mumbai Chapter and Sturctural Engineering Department, VJTI announce a one-day workshop on Geotextiles and Geosynthetics on April 11, 2015.

The Annual General Body Meeting of IGS Mumbai Chapter and lectures will be held on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at the following Venue.

Date :31-08-2013

Venue :

Ground Floor, (Main Building)


V. J. T. I.



Agenda for the meeting is as under.

1. Welcome address by Chairman, IGS MC

2. Confirmation of Minutes of AGM held on October 6, 2012

3. Report of activities by the Honorary Secretary

4. Report by the Treasurer

5. Passing of Accounts for the F.Y. 2012 – 13

6. Appointment of Auditors and Decision on Auditors fee

7. Election of new office bearers (Nomination form attached)

8. Any other business with the permission of the Chair.

Detailed program for the day is given below.

09.45 to 10.00 hrs Registration (free) and tea

10.00 to 11.00 hrs Lecture by Dr. K. K. Moza on “Criticalities in Geotechnical Design – Some Case Studies”

11.00 to 12.00 hrs Lecture by Mr. Vikram Rao on field experiences – details to follow.

12:00 to 12:15 hrs High tea

12.15 to 13.00 hrs Annual General Body Meeting

13.00 hrs onwards Lunch

Registration is FREE, but necessary.

Kindly confirm your participation to any one of the following, preferably before August 25, 2013.

Dr. V. B. Deshmukh vbd310@yahoo.co.in or vbdeshmukh@vjti.org.in

Mrs. Kshitija Nadgouda igsmumbai@gmail.com

It will be appreciated, if you could also pass on this information, to friends and colleagues, who may not

have received this notice.

Dr. V. B. Deshmukh

Hon. Secretary, IGS Mumbai Chapter

Upcoming Event

To be announced ..